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Mechanical engineering with a passion for coding.
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Engineering and Design

Supporting research and development for over 15 years

Mechanical Design

Early stage analysis and prototyping

Math-first, rapid-prototyping design approach ensures the best solutions, every time

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Instruments and Analysis

Devices and algorithms for your data

Designing and deploying scientific instruments, telemetry, and data analysis

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Electronics / Automation

Hardware and software integration

Proficient in languages and technologies that are designed for energy storage and transfer

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Engineering Overview

  • 15 years of engineering design experience building complex solutions;
  • Math-first, rapid prototyping design approach;
  • TS clearance with SCI Eligibility ensures you have someone you can trust;
  • Discounted rates for not-for-profits, local government, and independent green/blue-tech startups.

Selected Engineering Design Projects

These are some of the latest projects. Hover for a brief description or click below to view the full collection…

3d printed bar end shifters
Bar-end shifters

Design a set of indexed bar-end shifters to be:

– lightweight;
– inexpensive;
– customizable (# of speeds);
– easy to assemble and install

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volgren optimus cockpit design
cockpit design

work with a team of engineers and designers to completely redesign a city-route bus to maximize cost-savings by:

– updating and prolonging mold-life;
– simplifying assembly;
– modernizing aesthetics / usability to promote industry adoption;

I was responsible for the cockpit and overhead extrusions

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overview photo of an automated ice spectrometer designed for scripps insitution of oceanography
automated ice spectrometer

Heat transfer design and automation of a laboratory ice spectrometer

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